Server commands

A list of commands to use on our servers.

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Rustafaria server commands


/tpr “Players name” | Request a teleport to a player
/tpc | Cancel a teleport
/tpa | Accept a pending teleport from another player


/home add “name or number of home” | Add a home location
/home remove “name or number of home” | Remove a home location
/home “name ore number of home” | Teleport to your home location


/friend add “Players name” | Add a player as a friend
/friend remove “Players name” | Remove a player as a friend
/ff on | Friendly fire on
/ff off | Friendly fire off

Trading items

/trade “Players name” | Trade items with a certain player
/trade accept | Accept a incoming trade

Remove walls / items

/remove | This will let you remove items or walls inside your tc area.

Private messages

/pm “Players name” your message | Send a private message to a player on the server
/r | Reply private message to the last person that send you a private message

Show available Kits

/kit | This will show a menu with all available kits


/clan help | Use this command to see all possible commands to create a clan

Last wipe

/wipe | This command will show you when last wipe took place.

in game infopanel

/ipanel hide | Hide the ingame infopanel
/ipanel show | Show the ingame infopanel

General server info

/info | This command will show you a information tab in game!


/vote | This command will check if you voted on

Auth on discord

/auth | This command will give you a code that you have to send to the Rasta-bot of your server to verify your account.

Rustafaria in game shop

/s | This will show you a menu with all items you can buy with earned RP points.


This command will let you skin your items

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